Chat Log from 4/30/08 10:30am PST meeting:
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Kate Olson: Hi! just making sure I have everything set up correctly for recording

David Donica: not a problem

David Donica: yes

Carl Anderson: I can only stay for about 15 minutes, state testing

David Donica: it sounds good on this end

David Donica: I will give it a try

David Donica: I think you need to ok the talk feature

David Donica: I can't click on the button

Carl Anderson: I think you have to set our permissions to allow us to chat.

Kate Olson: ok, will work on this! try now?

Carl Anderson: If this is anything like livelesson or Yugma...nevermind

Kate Olson: yup!

David Donica: yes barely

David Donica: let me set up a different mic

Kate Olson: course in moodle 1.9

David Donica: got it

Stephanie Sandifer: hello!

Stephanie Sandifer: well... I wouldn't know the answer to that unfortunately

Kate Olson: facilitated or self-directed

Stephanie Sandifer: Are we using Moodle?

Kate Olson: if facilitated, who will moderate/facilitate

Carl Anderson: I think it has to be both to some degree

David Donica: I can't turn on my mic

Stephanie Sandifer: I can't talk.. will jsut chat... we are testing today and I have a walkie-talkie going off every few minutes

David Donica: i have my hand up

Stephanie Sandifer: excuse me -- testing as in standardized testing (yuck)

David Donica: it could be me

David Donica: my system

Stephanie Sandifer: As for facilitated vs. self-paced -- wouldn't self-paced be more accessible to potential users?

David Donica: self-paced sounds better to me

Carl Anderson: Wouldn't self-paced also be more in keeping with the idea of the digital age or 21st century pedagogies?

Stephanie Sandifer: forums would be good

David Donica: maybe self-paced with a start and end date for each session

Cheryl Lykowski 1: Hello everyone I wil only be able to chat my mic isn't working

Kate Olson: thanks Cheryl!

Stephanie Sandifer: I agree that there should be some method for interacting with other learners

Carl Anderson: Threaded discussions with a recursive element could take care of that.

Cheryl Lykowski 1: Even though I am just jumping in I agree with David that having dates would be good

Stephanie Sandifer: I would say possibly multiple modules that can each be done in about an hour or so

Stephanie Sandifer: Maybe it could be rolled out (sort of) over a specified tiem frame... one module each week?

Stephanie Sandifer: Yes -- I have used Moode -- that's why I thought of "modules"

David Donica: modules would work

Stephanie Sandifer: In Moodle we have options for set up -- by a timeline or by topics...

David Donica: moderators will also need to answer questions and review work?

Cheryl Lykowski 1: Breaking it into modules with a time frame to be finished by

Stephanie Sandifer: Ah -- didn't know about that one

Cheryl Lykowski 1: In Moodle is there a place for actual 'live' chat

Stephanie Sandifer: I think the time frame would be helpful -- gives some structure

Stephanie Sandifer: Some people need deadlines

Cheryl Lykowski 1: Stephanie I am one of those people

Stephanie Sandifer: @Cheryl Yes -- there is a way to set up a live chat room in Moodle

drew buddie: Hey there - I have popped into for a short time

drew buddie: Hiya

drew buddie: I have no mike

Carl Anderson: What if the modules were staggered so that when the first group finishes and moves on to the 2nd module another new group could start? This could lend flexibility and keep classes small enough for group discussion to be effective.

Cheryl Lykowski 1: Maybe have moderators scheduled for certain 'live' help times each week

drew buddie: but hiya and wanted to say your work on this is incredible

David Donica: i'm still trying to get my mic going

Stephanie Sandifer: I think if it's set up properly then some districts may opt for using it for a structured PD offering

drew buddie: This could be VERY big in the UK as Internet Safety etc is such a BIG issue

Stephanie Sandifer: agree with Carl and Cheryl on last two ideas

Cheryl Lykowski 1: David your mic caught whatever my mic has

David Donica: lol

drew buddie: Would it be ok for UK people to do for PD?

Stephanie Sandifer: yep -- agree

drew buddie: I would be happy be involved like that

Stephanie Sandifer: me too

David Donica: me 3

Cheryl Lykowski 1: me4

Cheryl Lykowski 1: If there is 'live' help we can also have a forum for those who can't make the 'live'

Stephanie Sandifer: so... we need a curriculum... could we start with the structure tha Vicki created on the wiki?

David Donica: did you mean like a cohort-group

Cheryl Lykowski 1: Stephanie that would bea good spring board to begin with

Stephanie Sandifer: ah -- that was my next question... copyright issues

drew buddie: Your energy and dynamism is amazing

drew buddie: I am

Cheryl Lykowski 1: Cohort groups are good when they work well together They learn to really depend on each other for the varied strengths

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): Hi, sorry I am late.]

drew buddie: I am sure you could construct your own course

drew buddie: you could look at what you have at the moment as a springboard

David Donica: a book will say time in setting up this whole process

Carl Anderson: What if the students in the course created the book..kind of a wikibooks type of idea

Stephanie Sandifer: another thought would be to structure the curriculum around "big questions" that ppl have around internet safety

drew buddie: I mean that starting with what you have got at the moment, then change it enough to NOT be a copy

David Donica: it depends on how many hands we get

David Donica: many hands make light work

drew buddie: Then you would not be relying upon a book and there would be no question of copyright

David Donica: my mic button is off

David Donica: ok

Carl Anderson: GTG - State Reading Test - 8th grade

Cheryl Lykowski 1: Bye Carl

Stephanie Sandifer: that's what I was thining in terms of "big questions" -- maybe start from a FAQs perspective...? nto sure if I'm making sense... like just forget the book as we begin creating the curriculum

Kate Olson: David - try it again

Stephanie Sandifer: sorry about typos... thinking faster than I can type

Kate Olson: Stephanie - great idea of the FAQ perspective!

drew buddie: Yes - would you be making it applicable for ALL courtntries as ina GLOBAL resource? or is it intended as a US-based one that others COULD use?

Cheryl Lykowski 1: I like the idea of creating our rather than working from something already done

Kate Olson: I turned off my mike - can anyone else turn on theirs - David?

Cheryl Lykowski 1: Things change so quickly we would have to alter anyways

Kate Olson: Drew- Global from the very beginning!

David Donica: I'm trying

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): no

Kate Olson: these issues are global and course should be as well

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): it says audio DD

Kate Olson: yup - David's on

drew buddie: Well there are MANY organisations who with the right impetus and use of contacts could spread the word and promote this around the globe

David Donica: not working -- i will try another mic

drew buddie: And you could have a day like Matt Montagne's brilliant EarthCast that took place last week

Stephanie Sandifer: i did

Stephanie Sandifer: Just using it to brainstorm... we can save the whiteboard

Stephanie Sandifer: adult learning

drew buddie: I am in a group called Mirandanet - a world wide organisation of ICT educationalists who want to make the world a better place - this is a PERFECT area that they might want to be involved in and promote

Stephanie Sandifer: the adults need to learn how safe the internet really is

drew buddie:

drew buddie: Its free to join and open to all

Stephanie Sandifer: yep

Stephanie Sandifer: and put it into digestible modules

drew buddie: Moodle also allows submission of assignments

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): I like Moodle

drew buddie: to prove that work has been done

Carl Anderson: back w/o audio

Cheryl Lykowski 1: I will need a crash course on Moodle since I have not had a need to use it in Elementary school

Stephanie Sandifer: Moodle courses can be duplicated and tailored for districts so they can monitor staff use

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): yes easy to do

drew buddie: will the moodle course be zippable and able to be imported into people's OWN Moodles?

drew buddie: cos that would make it SUPERB

Stephanie Sandifer: student work can also be graded and there is a gradebook where students/learners cna track their own work -- that requires a facilitator to do the grading, but it is possible

drew buddie: I mean, say my school wants to do this course

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): also we can set up peer assessment -- in a number of ways

Cheryl Lykowski 1: Kate my class will be invading my room shortly please keep me up-to-date as to what I need to do to help Very willing to help with anything I can

drew buddie: could I take the course and pop it into my own school Moodle?

David Donica: Do we want to offer this for various teaching levels? k-12 college etc?

drew buddie: I need to dash now thanks again and great to hear your voice

Stephanie Sandifer: @drew yes, but the only way that I've done it is not as easy as "zipping it"

drew buddie: It is physically feasible

Cheryl Lykowski 1: Bye everyone Thanks and have a good day

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): if it is a standard moodle it comes with the capability ot back up into zip

drew buddie: But would you want that to happen? is my question

drew buddie: ok bye

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): then zip can be imported into another standard moodle

Stephanie Sandifer: okay -- I've only duplicated within same moodle

Carl Anderson: If our target audience are teachers who are not necessarily all that techie it would be best to avoid things that have to be unzipped. Make it as easy and intuitive as possible.

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): may be some version issues -- I haven't chekced

David Donica: if we start passing it around changes would easily be transfered

David Donica: not be easily

Kate Olson: david - are you talking?

David Donica: i can try

Stephanie Sandifer: I say we keep it simple at first -- just an open version, with a timeframe and modules that anyone can use...

David Donica: can you hear my voice?

Kate Olson: no

David Donica: sorry

Stephanie Sandifer: then, if disticts begin to inquire about creating closed course just for their staff and parents, then those could be created by duplicating the original...

David Donica: second mic not working either

Kate Olson: @stephanie - I like that idea - open and simple should probably be our starting point

Stephanie Sandifer: start simple and see how it grows

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): We ( have a moodle course that is just accessible by teachers and merely (!) contains a repostitory for all zipped moodle courses the authors wish to share. Very time efficient for the producers.

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): yes

David Donica: good

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): Unless you want ot do world wide authentication...?!

Stephanie Sandifer: well... seems like I've seen something in the documentation about creating filters for the forums -- filters to block words (to prevent spam and things like that)

David Donica: I would think we would want a small amount of control on who enters

David Donica: getting some type of valid contact info would be nice

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): are we talking course teachers or users?

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): thank you

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): _now_ i understand nad agree

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): yes good

David Donica: nice

Stephanie Sandifer: yes

David Donica: we could divide and have groups do different modules?

Stephanie Sandifer: I think so -- set up a wiki for planning

David Donica: yes

David Donica: yes

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): yes

Stephanie Sandifer: yes

Carl Anderson: Wouldn't it be more efficient to first focus on what the curriculum is then figure out the pedagogy/schematics/file structure of all of this?

David Donica: what is our latest body/mind count for moodlers

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): ?

Stephanie Sandifer: me too -- and multitasking so little scatered right now

David Donica: How many Teachers in this group?

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): I don't understand 'not transparent' in M

David Donica: yes

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): we can make it so in M

David Donica: last time I looked it was 8 or 9 moodlers

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): Dirrent types of forum, etc

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): good for historical access too

David Donica: I was just curious how many have signed up?

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): ok fro the moment

Stephanie Sandifer: I think set up wiki now... and we can create focus, module topics, etc.

Stephanie Sandifer: keep up comm with twitter & emails?

Stephanie Sandifer: weekly checkins?

David Donica: I hope this goes - I'm willing to spend some time getting the ball rolling

Stephanie Sandifer: is that too "management"-ish?

Stephanie Sandifer:

Stephanie Sandifer: we all have alot going on

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): I would suggest to tranfer comms to moodle asap because they are always there

David Donica: I count 14 on the list

Stephanie Sandifer: I'm okay with emails

Stephanie Sandifer: ahhh... gotcha

David Donica: sounds good

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): good plan for now

Stephanie Sandifer: yes

David Donica: I will work on the mic thing on my end

David Donica: what is the time again?

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): i will be asleep

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): ok

Stephanie Sandifer: okay

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): thankyou

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): that is good

David Donica: I have an office hour at 5:00pst and teach at 6:00 - I will pop in

Stephanie Sandifer: sounds good

David Donica: ok - thanks for getting this going!

Stephanie Sandifer: I've got to run... looing forward to working on this!

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): ok, thanks for setting this up. Really timely

Stephanie Sandifer: "looking forward to..."

David Donica: c u

Jocelyn Chappell (@htjoshua): bye

David Donica: Kate - i did a cut and paste of the chat just in case we lose it.